Issue 4/2010

- The Influence of Chinese Climate Policy & Law on Africa
- How Construction Standards Can Reduce Carbon Emissions: An African Case Study
- ...

After the World Cup: Programmatic CDM Kicks Off in South Africa
Rutger de Witt Wijnen, Sander Simonetti
South Africa successfully organised the first-ever Football World Cup on African soil last summer. And soon it will be hosting another historic event: its first CDM Programme of Activities (PoA). After their tragic loss in the football final, the Dutch will be playing a different game this time.
The Influence of Chinese Climate Policy & Law on Africa
Christopher Tung
The economic influence of China on Africa has been apparent for some time, has this influence spread into the sphere of climate policy and law? This article considers the development and implementation of Chinese climate change policy and law and whether lessons can be drawn from the Chinese experience and be effectively applied to African countries. The analysis is made against the backdrop of development in China and Africa, Chinese development efforts and co-operation with African countries, and takes into account the wide differences in the levels of economic and social development of those countries.
The Impact of Energy Sector Reforms on Clean Development Mechanism Renewable Energy Projects in Kenya
Tom Owino, Tom Morton
As a result of the World Bank heralded reforms of the 1980s and the need to address the cost and availability of electric power in Kenya, the country’s power sector has undergone significant restructuring.
IBI Bateke Carbon Sink Plantation: An African Forestry Pilot Case
Olivier Mushiete, Amy Merrill
A forestry project in West Africa with a strong social and development component is perhaps the best example of what the Clean Development Mechanism was supposed to be about. Achieving it is not easy: many elements need to be brought together to produce a project that performs socially, developmentally and environmentally.
How Construction Standards Can Reduce Carbon Emissions: An African Case Study
Rowland Keable
Building techniques typically employ cement, a material with high embedded carbon. Rammed Earth, a traditional building material, has a far lower carbon impact. In the search for sustainable development across the developed and developing world, building techniques have an important role to play.
Health in Global Climate Change Law: The Long Road to an Effective Legal Regime Protecting both Public Health and the Climate
William Onzivu
As this article argues, human health ‚Äď despite facing a serious threat from climate change ‚Äď remains an ambivalent notion in the substantive, procedural, and institutional aspects as well as the implementation of both the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol.


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