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There is a solution to every problem
Dr.-Ing. E.h. Hans G. Huber
The Hans Huber AG is active worldwide to solve urgent water and wastewater problems.
Sensus – Innovative and Sustainable Water Management
Ingo Neuling
The product portfolio of Sensus comprises residential, apartment and C&I water meters, heat meters, gas meters (UK, USA) and electricity meters (USA). Together with related systems technology and an extensive services network, these products create value in both private and commercial applications, delivering market-leading performance in family homes and in industrial and commercial settings. Sensus is committed to optimising current technology and developing new and innovative roducts and system solutions.
The Project IWAS – Latin America (Brazil)
Prof. Dr. Holger Weiss, Carsten Lorz, Franz Makeschin, Klaus Neder, Patricia Roeser
International Water Research Alliance Saxony
Decentralised Solution to Secure Drinking Water Supply in Remote Brazil
Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Mag. Wolfgang K. Walter, Dipl.-Biol. Jörgen Hößler
Together with the Brazilian partner COPASA, one of the largest water supply companies on the Latin American continent, Grünbeck Wasseraufbereitung GmbH, is testing mobile drinking water supply solutions for remote regions. An article in the part “Science” of this gwf issue describes the background of the project.
Fundamentals of pH Measurement
Ă–znur Alp
A wide range of possibilities are available for measuring pH values, including colorimetric, photometric, and electrochemical methods. Diff erent measuring processes may result in diff erent measurement results, all of which are in principle correct. To prevent any confusion in this regard, national and international standards specify that pH values are measured electrochemically with a glass combination electrode.
Reliable Water Supplies
Marc Wevers
As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tufted and printed polyamide carpets, Imperial Tufting Company (ITC) requires large volumes of water for their manufacturing process. To activate and control their own wells and pumps, this Belgian company uses controller technology from Phoenix Contact that communicates with peripheral devices connected via Profi net. The existing Ethernet infrastructure is used for this purpose.
New Ballast Water Treatment System
Saskia Ringat
RWO’s innovation product CleanBallast boards ship
Germany’s Eldest Paper Mill at the Zwickauer Mulde River
Klaus Teders
Flood protection concept with mobile “Wilo-Drain TP” pumps
Reverse Osmosis for Efficient Brewing Liquor Production
Kai-Uwe Richter
Extension of capacity and optimised use of resources
Energy Efficiency in Wastewater Treatment Systems
Stephan Brand
To “Save money“ is the order of the day – especially due to permanently rising energy expenditure. This is of course also applicable for the cost balance of wastewater treatment plants the yearly cost of which may compose at 55 % from capital and at 45 % from operational costs. These operational costs will consist of payroll costs (45 %), material (10 %), services of other companies (8 %) and various others (5 %). This means that almost a fi fth of the operational costs of a wastewater treatment plant are used for energy. Considerably more than half of them – approx. 60 % – are required for the blower station for biological cleaning. But not only energy costs, also payroll costs and costs for services of other companies highly depend on the chosen compressed air supply.
Energetic Utilisation of Industrial Wastewater
MSc Maria Pardo, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Gerhard Simon, Dr.-Ing. Martin Lebek, Dr. Ing. Lars Meierling
Successful implementation as a contracting model in Spain
Raw water quality prognosis
Dr. Carsten Hansen, Dr. Tina Seebode, Dr. Axel Bergmann, Roland Schindler, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang van Berk
Hydrogeochemical modelling of raw water quality – a planning and forecasting tool Nitrate, denitrifi cation, hydrogeochemical modelling, PHREEQC, raw water prediction
Electricity and Steam from Wastewater in Paper Production
Stefan Jakubik
KrĂĽger WABAG supplies circulating water treatment plant for Peters paper factory in Gelsenkirchen
Better Health from Clear Water
Dr. Sabine Philipp
Filter membrane made of high performance plastic Ultrason for water treatment
Pumps for Australia
Christoph P. Pauly
In April 2009, KSB Aktiengesellschaft, Germany, booked an order for four large water pumps to be supplied to a new pumping station in West Australia.
An Integrated Rehabilitation Strategy for Urban Water and Sewerage Networks
Elke Eckert, Christian Thomasius, Dr.-Ing. Klaus-Jochen Sympher
The Berliner Wasserbetriebe implements an integral rehabilitation strategy for Berlin’s water and wastewater networks. The developed workfl ow is transparent and fulfi ls fundamental sustainability requirements regarding environmental protection, protection of resources, service quality and profi tability.


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