Mayo 2013

The next-generation SCADA software for PV plants
An exclusive glimpse behind the scenes at Germany´s most sophisticated supervision platform.
A bright scenario for the developing world
The Global Market Outlook published by the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) gives an overview of the PV Global Market evolution since the year 2000, when the total installed capacity was equivalent to only 1.400 MW. 12 years after, the growth reached 102.156 MW. The yearly evolution until 2010 is already remarkable, but the increase between 2011 and 2012, when 60% of all historical capacity was installed, is simply amazing. And, what is more important: there is a huge market potential that remains un-explored.
Advanced PV plant control strategies for the integration of PV energy in electrical grids
The development of distributed generation models will play an important role for the renewable energies penetration into the electrical system, but the rising of their contribution in a grid involves that some of their features must be carefully considered.
Utility scale PV projects: global solution for the new grid codes compliance
Inmaculada Santisteban
Photovoltaic energy is growing in many countries. Due to this fact, this technology starts having a non-negligible weight in the energetic mix around the world. This means that photovoltaic energy is having bigger and bigger impact on the grid stabilization of different countries. So grid operators are setting up rules in order to manage this energy.
Solutions to reach grid parity
Roberto González
Photovoltaic energy represents a major alternative to conventional generation sources. In areas with high irradiance, in many cases the PV generation cost is able to compete with the electricity purchase price.
How a modular & redundant topology generates higher yields
Since April, Power Electronics is the sole supplier across North America of solar inverters featured with long lasting outdoor enclosure and modular&redundant operation. 24 HEC-UL models ranging from 160kVA to 1200kVA have been listed by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) to UL1741 second edition and CSA C22.2 NO.107.1-01 standards.
String inverters of the future: light, compact and adaptable
Photovoltaic energy is essential if the widely sought-after changes in the use of the planet’s energy sources are to be brought about. Photovoltaic systems on the roofs of residential homes will play a decisive role in decentralising the generation of solar energy, which will avoid the grid overload.
2013 Update: the state of the Concentrated Solar Power Industry
Belén Gallego
The Concentrated Solar Power industry kick-started development after a 30 year hiatus when Nevada Solar I went online in 2006 close to Las Vegas, followed by PS10 in Sevilla. It was Spain, with a friendly regulatory scheme based on feed-in tariffs that led an industry revolution. The fi nancial crisis of 2008 however has complicated the development of this promising industry into an increasingly globalized and competitive one. With Spain out of the leadership position, which country will be next to wear the CSP crown?
U.S. develops solar sector with Spanish companies
Miguel Pérez de Lema
The United States maintains a career in renewable energy. From arrival to the presidency of Barack Obama, and now in his second term, clean energy gain ground in the world’s largest economy. The international industry leading companies, including Spanish, working hard in this market. Among the renewable energy we focus on solar, a segment in which Spain has been a world leader and there is extensive cooperation with the United States.


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