Marzo 2013

An introduction to motor selection
Selecting an appropriate motor, even for a fairly straightforward industrial application, requires consideration of many factors. This article runs through the main points to help first time specifers make the right decision.
Assessing reactive power support requirements for wind farms with modeling and simulation
Graham Dudgeon
Determining the best location, capacity, and operational profiles of reactive power support devices in a modern wind farm is a complex engineering problem. This article explores how modeling and simulation provide an indispensable tool for assessing the design variables and performing engineering trade-off studies for gauging reactive power support requirements.
Wind resource assessment in forest areas
Thomas Arnold
More and more wind farms are planned in forest areas, a trend for which legal framework conditions, technological innovations and high towers have paved the way. However, profitability analyses for these sites are far more complex than for sites in lowland areas. There is still significant need for additional information.
Lower maintenance costs and failure rate in wind turbine generators are possible
Wind farm owners and mayor Wind Turbine Generators (WGT) manufacturers have actually realised about the importance of reducing maintenance costs, as well as to decrease failure rates due to mechanical wear, in order to achieve the results expected.
Starts market expansion of renewable energy
Miguel Pérez de Lema
The Chilean market for renewable energy is full of possibilities for generation companies. Its development is scarce in this industry, and this is the precise moment when its development is getting underway.
The Strategic Research Agenda of the European Photovoltaic Technology Platform
Although Europe has lost it leadership of the Photovoltaic Industry, it maintains the leadership in technology process and equipment. Photovoltaic has multiple benefits as electricity supplier and what it is also very important as economic sector.
Change of energy from the base up
Southern European markets are reaching grid parity despite the situation
While it’s true that the Southern European markets have been hit hardest by the economic crisis we mustn’t forget that they’re also the markets with the highest solar radiation and that fact alone makes them a promising place for the industry. But we need more stable regulatory frameworks that enable the development of distributed power as beneficial for society and the environment.


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