Drinking Water Plant South-West Moscow – A challenge for a clean solution

After international, functional invitation for tenders and comparison of the performances offered, the City of Moscow signed on August 7, 2003 the Project Implementation Contract for organising, financing, construction and operation of the Drinking Water Plant South-West Moscow with the German company WTE Wassertechnik GmbH.

Included in the scope of supply are the complete design, the turn-key construction, the financing and the operation of the drinking water plant for a period of 10 years beginning after commissioning on January 1st, 2007. Measured by European standards, water supply to the continuously growing population of Moscow, Russia’s capital, and industrial water demand have generated a unique water supply system of enormous proportions: a drinking water collection area spanning 65,000 km2, four central waterworks of a total daily output of nearly 7millionm3 of clear water, 18 pumping stations and 13 drinking water storage tanks. Moscow’s central water supply is based on a more than 100 years old tradition and is one of the oldest systems in Europe.For decades, its complex overall system has been monitored, serviced, repaired and continuously expanded by Moswodokanal employing 15,000 staff.Considering in particular the metropolis and its surrounding areas background of rapid growth, counting at present a population of more than 12 million, the unlimited maintenance of security of supplies deserves highest respect, in particular because comparable systems are hardly existing worldwide. It is the result of far-sighted infrastructural planning.

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