Development of Waste-to-Energy Projects

Waste-to-energy plants contribute substantially to achieve the goal of a reliable, sustainable and efficient disposal of waste. Recovery of energy and valuable material is an additional benefit. Before starting the technical elaboration, the non-technical questions have to be answered. They are strongly dependent on local boundary conditions. For the financial aspects some general hints are given as well as rules of thumbs. The technical evaluation bases on system analysis and comparison of operational, design, energetic and environmental criteria.

Goals of waste disposal

Extensive and sustainable environmental protection comprises also that the disposal of domestic and industrial waste is achieved in an economic way and that energetic and material resources are recovered as far as possible and reasonable. The non useable residuals produced by the corresponding treatment processes must be stabilized physically and chemically before they are delivered to landfill.

Domestic waste and a considerable part of industrial waste have a high content of organic material. This upgrades the waste to a fuel resource. The combustion of this fuel resource leads to:

• elimination of organic material,
• production of energy,
• reduction of the waste volume,
• simplification of the recovery process of valuable material contained in the residuals from incineration.

Consequently, this process recovers energy and valuable material and produces inert residuals.

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